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Welcome to I Love MCR. Greater Manchester is a pie-shaped constellation of boroughs and urban areas that stretches from Stockport in the south to Rochdale in the north. 

With the help of I Love MCR, you can explore places, businesses, charities, where to live and what’s on in Manchester. You will discover the city’s diverse communityculture and lifestyle with the help of our inspiring Manchester news.

Manchester is a city inhabiting a diverse pool of interesting individuals and extraordinary people. An embracing community and a social spirit feed an eclectic mix of retail, theatres, galleries, museums, and a smorgasbord of top restaurants, buzzing barshotels and exciting events.

Creative industries and independent manufacturers are on the rise, while tech start-ups are sprawling across the city. Meet the Manchester businesses – the makers and doers whose ingenuity is driving the new mechanisms of progress.

Embrace the city’s spontaneous spirit and you’ll discover plenty of hidden gems – and some secrets – among our Manchester stories and recommendations.

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What is the population of Manchester city centre?

Manchester’s population is approximately 600,000 people (2020).

What’s the population of Greater Manchester?

There are about 2.8 million people living across the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester.

What is Manchester best known for?

Manchester is commonly known as the UK’s second city. Once an industrial powerhouse with a plethora of world-first inventions, it is now a major cultural hub, steeped in arts and famous for its music and glorious sporting history. More about Manchester history here.

Where’s the best place to live in Greater Manchester?

Levenshulme, Ancoats, Altrincham and Ramsbottom were named among the best places to live, not just in Manchester but, in the UK by The Sunday Times. The Times is the largest-selling British national newspaper so it’s safe to say they know their onions.

What’s the best restaurant in Manchester?

This all depends on one’s personal taste and preferred cuisine. Luckily enough, Manchester is catching up to London as a food metropolis, and a destination for foodies disembarking from far and wide. Further proof of this is Mana restaurant in trendy Ancoats being awarded a Michelin Star. Explore Manchester restaurants here.

The best bar in Manchester?

That’s a tough one when you consider that Manchester is a city that thinks a table is for dancing on. The most popular cocktail bar in the city centre is probably Albert’s Schloss, due to its size, sheer amount of social check-ins, and the wide range of entertainment on offer.

What does “MCR” stand for?

“MCR” is an acronym for the full word: “MANCHESTER”. Some might say “MCR” means Manchester City Region.

Is I Love MCR a charity?

I Love MCR is the facilitator of Greater Manchester charities. Furthermore, The Lord Mayor of Manchester’s Charity Appeal Trust was re-branded to ‘We Love MCR Charity’ because of the success and positive look and feel of the iconic I Love MCR brand. I Love MCR and We Love MCR Charity are in partnership to support communities and young people across the city.